The Rebel Trip Tour is over and Davide Taloni is back home.

A vespa, a tent, an amp and a Soundsation roundback…and the road. Should sound familiar.
After 7500 km covered in 8 European countries 
and more than 40 “gigs”, Davide came back home enriched by such an amazing adventure. And by the way…his acoustic Soundsation has been a perfect “band mate”, surviving to extreme weather conditions and accidental falls!
“Back home again. You can image how to return to daily routine could be extremely hard after one month on the road . 
But it has been one of the most beautiful summer of my life, I had the chance to meet different cultures and people and now I feel more complete as a person and as a musician. Un unforgettable experience I want to live again”.
It was a great month. A mix of emotional experiences and ambiences where I met fantastic people. But ont only: it wasn’t every day as planned, in Poland I could test their road surface, a damned oil dapple helped. But me and my guitar survived the crash!

Many of you are asking to me: what the people? How was their reaction to your experience? Well, I can assure that there was interest and curiosity about my tour. People showed me feelings of friendship and warm welcomes. Only one time, police gently informed me that I was playing in a silent respect area. I accepted their invite to move and play a little bit far from that place at an alternative location.
Someone is asking me: will you repeat your tour again ? Definitely yes is my answer. While Tour 2014 has not yet coming to end (I still have some wkds in Italy) , I started to work on new 2015 tour project.
Someone asks me: can a road artist live in Europe nowadays? I never seeked for easy money in this tour as my main interest was people contact and my goal was to let the public listen my music . Emails of people congratulating after having listened my music is the besr prize I could receive.
 Many thanks to SOUNDSATION for their believe in my experience tour.


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