This is the second time that I brought my Vespa Motor Scooter into a restaurant.

I remember with amusement my first time. It was in Krakow, Poland . I was hungry and there wasn't an empty place in the parking lot. The rain had just started to fall when, I stop at the entrance of a restaurant. As I was still looking for a place to park , I noticed that inside was a pretty waitress smiling at me . With a wink, she told me that there is no problem if I just parked my vespa inside!. At first I thought I misunderstood, but When I saw her friendly face smiling at me I knew she was not joking. So I got off my up Vespa and slowly walked it up the two steps through the shops entrance, still hoping that I was really doing the right thing. When the The manager saw me and my Vespa both in his restaurant, he could not help from laughing! The customers inside, also appreciated the humor and in minutes I was served a giant platter of "Pierogi" So there I was ,enjoying my meal with my Vespa, safe, and dry, parked in front of me... Ah The sweet life of the traveling singer! Yes let the adventure continue !

Thanks to Rik Palieri for translation. :)


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